The Princess’s New Shoes

Once upon a time, a little princess got a special pair of shoes.  They weren’t hers to keep, but she wore them for her next big step.

I’ve talked about my daughter before.  She’s three years old, incredibly smart, beautiful, and a part-time working model/actress.  My husband and I have a history of literally “falling into” exciting opportunities.  I guess it would be better to say that fate often puts us where we need to be… and then we need to make the decision to act upon it.

A year and a half ago, I happened to see something on Facebook about Tori Spelling running a contest for models for her Little Maven clothing line.  The princess fit the specifications, so I sent a couple of photos that I’d just taken.  Fast forward to watching the video announcing the winners, and there is my daughter’s name!  Fast forward again to the shoot and the princess had a great time.  A few months pass and I see on a local yahoo group for my city the name of a kids’ manager… and it’s one that another friend of mine uses and loves.  I took the chance and sent in those same photos.  Within minutes my daughter had signed with a manager and within a week she had an agent.  Her first acting audition arrives and she becomes a “back-up” for a character on a popular soap.  She did that a couple of times, but never got the chance to go on set.  Her second “acting” audition, and she lands a shoe commercial for Ross “Shoe Week.” Her first time on set and she did beautifully.  Her cute little feet will be famous, lol.

Historically, this happens around the end of March/early April, so I imagine that the commercial will air shortly before/during that time.  Keep an eye out for these shoes and let me know if you see them!!