Facing Fear: A time to freeze or a time to sparkle?

Once upon a time I decided to try something new.  Then I realized how scary that really is.

A good friend called me this week and told me she was scared.  Scared to move forward, scared to reach for the dreams she’d set for herself and her family, scared that she was out of reasons to put off those next steps.  And this left her not knowing what to do next.  I realized that I feel very much the same way.  We’ve both caught ourselves saying “I’ll hit the ground running when…” or “Once I ___, then I can really start running.”  What happens when there’s no longer anything in your way but yourself?

Change is scary.  The unknown is worrisome.  I can’t help but picture a friend’s baby girl, standing and thinking about taking that first step.  She’s on the verge of something new, something exciting, and something pretty scary to an 11-month-old.  Sure, it could could go horribly wrong.  But what if it goes incredibly right?  At what point do we decide that the fear of missing out on wonderful is more frightening than the fear of what could go wrong?  What if you were to acknowledge that anything bad is a part of the journey to great?  Would that change your willingness to take that next step?

I attended a fabulous seminar a couple of weeks ago.  Brilliant and Bankable Live with Julie Steelman and Lisa Steadman.  I went there because I need to work on getting out of my own way.  There were so many empowering take-aways, but here’s one that continues to stick with me: “Do you want to live the same great year 99 times, or would you rather live a great year 99 different ways?”  It made me stop to think.  There are many stories of our top earners in Rodan + Fields about how things were tough (almost a sense of desperation at times) and that motivated them to run to the top with this business.  I look at my life and while it could always improve, I’m pretty happy with it the way it is… and I think that makes it harder.  I want to retire my husband in the next few years like I know is possible, but that desire hasn’t yet been enough to overcome my fears.  I want the lifestyle that I can achieve, but I let fears keep me from doing what I need to do to get there.  So back to living this year 99 times.  I love this year, but I want the 99 different ways… and THAT is where I will find my motivation to move through my fears and to the life that I and my family deserve.  I’m ready to sparkle and I want to teach others to do the same.  So many of us stay where we are because it’s comfortable and change is not.  But what are we missing out on?  How much better could life be if we are willing to be a little uncomfortable as we grow?

What fears stand between you and your dreams?  When will you decide that fear of not reaching your dreams is bigger than the fears that are in the way?  And if you’ve already moved past this point, what tips can you share for those of us still in the struggle?


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  1. Julieanne Case
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 20:04:40

    I feel like I could have written this post. It’s all so true. I want the 99 different ways. I’ve been struggling with something that is causing great upheaval and anxiousness that I can’t pin on anything. I would love to identify the fears so I could push through them but I feel that they are secreting themselves from me and just creating the upset. My question to myself is what do I need to see or do that will push me beyond the fear? And what do I really really want?


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